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Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4

The clearest Wyze Cam ever made.


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Get unmatched security with Wyze Cam v4. Crystal-clear 2.5K QHD resolution, Enhanced Color Night Vision, and motion-activated spotlight keep your home safe day or night. Plus, 24/7 local recording, Wi-Fi 6 support, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant for ultimate convenience.


Crisp 2.5K QHD Resolution with Wide Dynamic Range
Color Night Vision
IP65-rated for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Versatile Mounting
Improved Two-Way Talk
Integrated LED Spotlight
Louder Mini Siren


Wyze Cam v4 Device Details
Colors & Materials
Color options: White and Grey
Body: Polycarbonate
Lens: Glass + Plastic
Lens FOV: DFOV 115.8°, HFOV 98.5°, VFOV 53.1°
Sensor: CMOS Starlight Sensor
LED Indicator: Front. Red + Blue.

Camera Dimensions & Weight
2 in x 2 in x 2 3/8 in
Weight: 0.49 lb (222 g)

Power Adapter: Input 110-240 V (AC/DC), Output Indoor 5V/1AOutdoor Power Adapter (sold separately)
Cable: 6-Foot Flat micro USB to USB-A cable

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6

Resolution: 2.5K QHD (2560x1440)
Digital Zoom: 8x
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Yes
IR Lights: 4x850 nm
Day/Night Vision: Yes
Night Vision: 4 IR LEDs (850 nm) + 2 white spotlight LEDs (72 lumens)
Color Night Vision: Yes
Video Encoding: H.264
Video FPS: Daytime 20 FPS / Nighttime 15 FPS

Speaker: 99dB, waterproof
Simultaneous 2-way Talk: Yes
Built-in Siren: Yes
Noise & Echo Cancellation: Yes

Phone Compatibility
Android 7.0+, iOS 14.0+

In the box

Included in a 1 pack:
· Wyze Cam v4 x1
· Quick Start Guide x1
· Wall Mount Plate x1
· Wall Mount Plate Tape x1
· Screw Kit x1
· Indoor USB Power Adapter x1
· 6-Foot Flat micro USB to USB-A cable x1

Note: The camera and USB cable will be either white or grey, depending on the colorway chosen.


Q: What's new with Wyze Cam v4?
A: Wyze Cam v4 is our best camera yet, with super-clear, 2.5K QHD resolution and enhanced Color Night Vision. Our new audio technology now removes harsh and static sounds better than ever before. You can use Wyze Cam v4 indoors and outdoors, and use its built-in spotlight and Motion Warning feature to deter intruders. With Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, you can get better connectivity, and with Smart Focus on the Live stream, you can catch important details in motion while still viewing the bigger picture.

Q: Is Wyze Cam v4 wireless or battery-powered?
A: Wyze Cam v4 is wired only. It is not wireless or battery powered. It is powered via the included 6 ft USB cable.

Q: Can I use Wyze Cam v4 outdoors?
A: Yes, Wyze Cam v4 is IP65-rated and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Q: What is the resolution of Wyze Cam v4?
A: 2.5K QHD (2560x1440).

Q: Does Wyze Cam v4 support 5 GHz Wi-Fi?
A: No, Wyze Cam v4 only supports 2.4 GHz networks.

Q: What is Color Night Vision?
A: Wyze Cam v4 is equipped with a starlight sensor that allows the camera to see color in extremely low light conditions, allowing you to see full color at night.

Q: Is Wyze Cam v4 compatible with Wyze Web View?
A: Yes, Wyze Cam v4 is compatible with Wyze Web View.

Q: What's so great about Wi-Fi 6?
A: Wi-Fi 6 offers better range, handling of congestion, and higher connection speed. For example, the max capacity of Wi-Fi 5 is ~80 feet vs WiFi 6 at ~150 ft, and the number of streams for Wi-Fi 5 is 8 streams vs Wi-Fi 6 at 12 streams. If you are interested in a Wi-Fi 6 router, check out our Wyze Mesh Router and Wyze Mesh Router Pro.

Q: Wi-Fi 6 work with my Wi-Fi 4 router?
A: Yes, Wi-Fi 6 is backwards compatible.

Q: Does Wyze Cam v4 have a battery?
A: No, Wyze Cam v4 is powered via a USB cable.

Q: What is the frame rate of the v4?
A: Day: 20 frames per second (fps)
Night: 15 fps

A: Is Wyze Cam v4 weather resistant?
A: Yes. While it's not waterproof, it is weather resistant and safe to use outside. Indoor and Outdoor IP65 rated.

Q: Which accessories work with Wyze Cam v4?
A: Wyze Cam v4 works with the following accessories: Wyze Lamp Socket, Wyze Cam Window Mount, Wyze Cam Outdoor Adapter v1 and v2, and microSD cards up to 512 GB.

Q: What is Smart Focus?
A: Smart Focus is a new feature that adds a smaller view of the Live stream, while the camera focuses on what matters - motion. When motion is detected, you will have two views of the Live stream at the same time.

Q: Is Wyze Cam v4 compatible with Wyze Home Monitoring?
A: No. Wyze Cam v4 is not compatible with our home monitoring service, but it's on the wish list!

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The best just got

Pound for pound, the clearest Wyze Cam ever.

Capture images and video in greater detail with Quad High Definition clarity.

More security with Color Night Vision.

Enhanced hardware pierces through darkness, unveiling stunning details in low-light conditions that even the human eye can't catch. It's like giving your camera superhero vision!

  • Traditional Night Vision

  • Color Night Vision ✨

More vibrant colors with our best dynamic range.

An upgraded image processor enables Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for rich, vibrant colors and better image quality.

ip65 weather resistance

Place it anywhere.

Wyze Cam v4 operates in any weather due to its IP65 weather-resistant rating.

Enhanced two-way talk

Clearer conversation.

Talk to anyone easily with a more powerful amplifier and an updated mic for clearer camera audio.

Integrated Spotlight + Siren

More safety at night.

Deter intruders or light your way home with a motion-activated spotlight. Activate the loud siren for extra "get outta here" power.

Record every second

24/7 Recording with MicroSD Card.*

Don’t miss a thing with continuous local recording to a microSD card up to 512 GB. No subscription required.

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The best keeps getting better.

Connect with bluetooth®

Easy to set up.

No need to scan QR codes. Enjoy hassle-free setup with Bluetooth®, which also presents opportunities to work with other smart home devices.

Screw-free magnetic mount

Easy to mount.

Put away the power tools. Mounting is easy with a magnetic base and metal mounting plate.

Works with smart assistants

Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT support.

Convenience and customization at your fingertips with integrations like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Wyze Rules.


Track with Smart Focus.

Focus on what matters, while still viewing the bigger picture.

See why v4 is the best Wyze Cam yet.

Even more features to love.

Wi-Fi 6 Connection Support

Maintain a stronger and more reliable connection at greater distances. Wi-Fi 6 router required.

Motion and Sound Detection

Look & listen for motion & sound. Wyze Cam sends your phone an alert and begins recording when either is detected.

Motion Detection Zones

Monitor specific areas for motion so you only receive notifications when it matters.

Smoke & CO Alerts

Receive an alert the moment Wyze Cam hears a Smoke or CO alarm go off. Wyze Cam records a video during this time.

  • Wyze Cam v4 NEW

    Colors: White or Grey

    Finish: Textured Matte

    Resolution: 2.5K QHD w/ our best color range (WDR)

    Field of view: 115.9° (D) x 98.5° (H) x 53.1°(V)

    Night vision: B&W + Enhanced Color Night Vision

    Sound: Enhanced Two-Way Talk

    Siren: 99 dB


    Notification speed: Advanced

    MicroSD card support: Up to 512GB

    Released: 2024

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  • Wyze Cam v3 Pro

    Colors: White

    Finish: Matte

    Resolution: 2.5K

    Field of view: 115.9° (D) x 98.5° (H) x 53.1°(V)

    Night vision: B&W + Color Night Vision

    Sound: Two-Way Talk

    Siren: 89 dB


    Notification speed: Advanced

    MicroSD card support: Up to 256GB

    Released: 2022

    Learn more 
  • Wyze Cam v3

    Colors: White, Black, or Limited Edition Blue

    Finish: Matte

    Resolution: 1080p

    Field of view: 121° (D) x 102° (H) x 54°(V)

    Night vision: B&W + Color Night Vision

    Sound: Two-Way Talk

    Siren: 80 dB

    Spotlight: No (spotlight kit sold separately)

    Notification speed: Standard

    MicroSD card support: Up to 256GB

    Released: 2020

    Learn more 
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* Smart Detection is included with our subscription plans (or service plans). While every Wyze Cam has Motion Detection, our plans get you more detections such as Person, Pet, Package, and Vehicle detection. You even get access to AI-based Sound detection.

* Wyze Cam v4 is wired allowing for continuous power and recording.

** Requires Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter (sold separately) for outdoor use.

** Requires microSD card (sold separately).