1,750,000+ people use Cam Plus to monitor their homes

$3.55/mo per camera · Starting at $0/mo

Power up your Wyze Cam with AI and cloud video recordings.

$24.99/year CAD per cam ONLY $2.08 A MONTH

Or a monthly plan of $3.55

  • Cloud video recordings saved for 14-days
  • Person, Pet, Vehicle, and Package detection
  • View Wyze Cam livestream and past Events on the web

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Annual plan for $24.99

Home security made easy.

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When to get Cam Unlimited

Looking for Facial Recognition?

Available for Cam Unlimited users. Facial Recognition takes Person Detection to the next level. Know when it's your best friend or if it's mom.

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Trusted by 1,750,000+ users.

Self-monitoring is easier and affordable with Cam Plus

  • "Worth it"

    I was hesitant about the subscription, but the person and vehicle detection made it worth every cent. I get alerts that matter and can ignore the rest. A must-have.

  • "Almost perfect"

    Switched to cam plus last year and it has captured everything from break-in attempts to my neighbor's strange behaviors. I just wish it would be easier for me to locate my event videos.

  • "Great budget option"

    I wasn't expecting much. But it delivers on the protection we need. No more panic-inducing false alarms and don't need sensors. ADT feels outdated.

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Simple (yet powerful) security that won't break the bank. Enhance your Wyze cams with Cam Plus.

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Frequently asked questions

Which Wyze cameras are compatible with Cam Plus?

Cam Plus is compatible with all Wyze Cams except Wyze Cam v1.

How do I upgrade my service subscription from a monthly plan to an annual plan?

You can upgrade from a monthly plan to an annual plan from your Wyze Services account or within the Wyze app (for in-app purchases only).

For subscriptions purchased via the Wyze website:

  • Log in to your Wyze Services account.
  • Under My Services, click Manage subscription for the subscription you are trying to upgrade.
  • Select the option for Annual Plan.
  • Click Continue.
  • Once the update is complete, your plan will now show as an annual plan.

For subscriptions purchased via the Wyze app:

  • Log in to the Wyze app.
  • Navigate to the Account tab > Services.
  • Next to the service you'd like to update, tap Edit Plan*.
  • Under Plan Type, tap Annual Plan.
  • Adjust the quantity if necessary.
  • Tap Review Changes.
  • Confirm your in-app purchase.
  • You're all set! Tap Continue to review your updated plans.

*If a plan has a WWW icon next to it, it can only be upgraded via my.wyze.com.

Can a shared user upgrade to Cam Plus?

No, only the account owner can upgrade.

Shared users cannot manage a Wyze Services subscription, including Cam Plus. Adding, upgrading, and removing a subscription can only be done by the primary account owner.

Can shared users see my Cam Plus events?

Yes, shared users can see Cam Plus events.

While shared users cannot add or change your subscriptions, they will get your Cam Plus events.

Can I subscribe to Cam Plus outside of the US?

Yes, you can subscribe to Cam Plus from anywhere.

Cam Plus is not a geo-locked feature. You can sign up for Cam Plus and use it while outside the US, but you must have a US or Canadian billing address to subscribe.

What is the Cam Unlimited plan?

It's Cam Plus, but with unlimited licenses to use!

Have a lot of Wyze Cams? Cam Unlimited offers unlimited licenses for $13.49/month or $134.99/year*, so you'll have plenty of Cam Plus licenses to go around.

Your previous Cam Plus subscriptions will be cancelled automatically, and those cameras will be added to your new Cam Plus Unlimited plan.

If you purchased your old plans through the Apple App Store, they will be cancelled but will continue until their original expiration date. After that, they will be added to your new unlimited plan automatically.

*This price will remain the same upon renewal. Hooray!