Meet Wyze Home Monitoring System.

Each sensor, hub, and keypad has been designed to fit wherever you need them. From corner mounts, to skinny probes, we've thought it through so you don't have to.

1) Wyze Sense Hub, 2) Wyze Sense Motion Sensor, 3) Wyze Sense Keypad, 4) Wyze Sense Entry Sensor, 5) Wyze Sense Climate Sensor, 6) Wyze Sense Leak Sensor, 7) Wyze Leak Sensor Probe

Remotely arm/disarm

Control your monitoring system right from your phone—no matter where you are. Arm and disarm your system and check on each sensor's status from the Wyze app.

View camera live feeds

Quickly view all your cameras' live feeds in one place and scroll through motion-activated event recordings. Say "hello!" with two-way audio and customize how you want to be notified when motion or sound is detected.

Detect leaks and frozen pipes

Just like if a security sensor is tripped, you'll get a text and call from Noonlight if a leak is detected in your home so you can act quickly to mitigate the damage.

*Wyze Sense Leak and Climate Sensors required

Customize monitoring rules

Create arming/disarming schedules to automate your home security. Never wonder if you forgot to disarm your system again.

Share access with family and friends

Parents coming to watch the kids and need access to the Wyze Cam above the crib? No problem. Quickly share and revoke access to all your Wyze devices at any time.

At a price that can't be beat.

Your home automation hub.

A motion sensor that turns on the lights. An entry sensor that cranks the A/C and turns on the lamp. Your individual Wyze devices are awesome, but with Wyze Home Monitoring sensors, the possibilities are endless.

24/7 professional monitoring empowered by Noonlight.

• Noonlight ULC certified central monitoring station based in Canada.

• 100% emergency dispatch coverage across all of Canada.

• Bilingual support for English and French speaking users.

Protect your home today.

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