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Wyze Light Strip Pro

Wyze Light Strip Pro

Customize your vibe with multi-color segment control.


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Customize your vibe with multi-colour segment control.


16 Independently Controlled Segments
Advanced Lighting Effects
Protective Epoxy Coating
16 Million Colors
Music Sync
Customizable Scenes
App and Voice Control
Timers and Automations
Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible
Easy Setup


10.8 oz / 1.01 lbs

5 metres / 10 metres

Common Key Features
Colors: 16 million
Single or Multicolor: Multicolor
Customizable Zones: 16
Power Source: Corded Electric
Power Adapter Output: 12 Volts
Power Adapter Input: 100-240V

16.4 ft / 24 watts
32.8 ft / 48 watts

Usage: Indoor Use Only

Communication Mode
802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth

Lumens Per Meter
Blue(0.8lm/LED at 20mA) *30pcs/meter
Red(1.0lm/LED at 20mA) *30pcs/meter
Green(2.5lm/LED at 20mA) *30pcs/meter

Operating Temperature
-4°F - 122°F
(-20°C - 50°C)

Storage Temperature
-40°F - 158°F
(-40°C - 70°C)

Life Expectancy: 25,000 Hours

In the box

5 metres
Wyze Light Strip Pro x 1
Adhesive Clips x 10
Controller x 1
Power Adapter x 1
Quick Start Guide x 1
Alcohol Wipe x 2

10 metres
Wyze Light Strip Pro x 2
Adhesive Clips x 20
Controller x 1
Power Adapter x 1
Quick Start Guide x 1
Alcohol Wipe x 4


Can you connect Wyze Light Strips together?
No, Wyze Light Strips are sold in two lengths, 16.4 feet and 32.8 feet, and are not built to be connected end-to-end. The 32.8” version is actually two 16.4” strips that have the controller in the middle.

Can you connect different models together?
No, you cannot connect different models together physically, but they can be grouped together in the Wyze app.

Is Wyze Light Strip weatherproof?
No, both Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro are meant for indoor-use only.

Can I group Wyze Light Strips together and with Wyze Bulbs?
Yes! You can create a device group and control them together.

How do I mount Wyze Light Strip?
With the adhesive backing. Wyze Light Strip has an adhesive back and additional clips that can be used to attach the strip to a variety of surfaces. Make sure to clean the mounting area before installation to ensure the best hold.

Can I cut Wyze Light Strip?
Yes, you can cut both Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro at designated cutting marks on the strip to fit your desired location.

How does the music feature work?
Using the built-in microphone. The controller for Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro has a built-in microphone used to match the lights to the beat of the music.

What’s the difference between Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro?
Wyze Light Strip Pro can have multiple colors on the same strip while Wyze Light Strip can only have one color at a time. This means Wyze Light Strip Pro can have different colors across the strip and has more advanced lighting effects. Both versions have a microphone and can be grouped together.

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  • Multi-color

    16 customizable segments

  • 16 Million Colors

    RGB and tunable white

  • Music Mode

    Sync lights to the beat of the music

  • Trimmable Design

    Cut to fit any space

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Multi-color segment control

Multiplayer, meet multi-color. Normal LED light strips can only show one color at a time. Ours displays up to 16 RGB colors at once and does advanced lighting effects so you can stack victory royales in the perfect ambiance.

Segment Control

Wyze Strips Pro has a chip between every 3 LED lights which allows for multiple colors to display at the same time and advanced lighting effects.

Protective Coating

A clear epoxy coating protects the advanced components and provides a refined, flexible appearance.

A pair of scissors cutting the light strip.

Trimmable Design

Designated cut areas allow precise customization to fit your space.

Phone with smart lighting app controls open.

Music Mode makes a rave in every room

Sync your lights to the beat of your favorite tracks with Music Mode using Wyze Light Strips’s built-in microphone. Your dance videos (and dance parties) just got a serious glow-up.

Wyze Light Strip lighting up the side of a couch and a voice assistant device placed on a table.

More bright ideas

Voice Control

Your voice is now your light switch. Command your lights with your voice by asking Alexa or Google Assistant to turn them on/off, adjust brightness, or change color.

Vacation Mode

Make it look like someone's home whenever you are away. Just enable "Vacation Mode" in the Wyze app and our light strip does the rest.

Sleep Routines

Wake up or fall asleep to custom lighting routines that gradually illuminate or darken with time. It’s like having your own personal sunrise and sunset.

Timers & Automations

Start a timer to have your strip turn on or off or create powerful automations in the Wyze app.

  • Wyze Light Strip Pro against a black background.

    Wyze Light Strip Pro (Current Page)

    - Up to 16 colors per strip

    - Advanced lighting effects

    - Protective epoxy coating

    - Plus all great features of Wyze Light Strip!

  • Wyze Light Strip against a white background.

    Wyze Light Strip

    - One color per strip
    - Basic lighting effects
    - No epoxy coating

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