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Wyze Sprinkler Controller

Wyze Sprinkler Controller


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Smarter, simpler, and greener control over your lawn's irrigation system with smart zoned control over your sprinklers.
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Control your sprinkler remotely.

No more watering the grass when it rains and no more manual timers. Wyze Sprinkler Controller is designed to provide a convenient and affordable way for you to control the watering of your lawn or garden from anywhere with Wi-Fi.

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Personalized schedules for your weekly routine.

Customize a watering schedule that is most convenient for your busy life. Easily start or stop a watering schedule with just a tap in the Wyze app.

8 customizable irrigation zones.

Customize schedules for up to 8 different irrigation zones. Set unique names and photos for each watering zone in the Wyze app so you know which zone is which.

Peace of mind with Wyze Cam.

Curious if the dog is using your lawn watering as a slip-and-slide? View live footage of your waterings quickly in the Wyze app and get notified when your system is running.

Smarter for the planet.

Wyze Sprinkler Controller earned the coveted WaterSense certification from the EPA for using weather-based watering schedules with Sprinkler Plus.

If every landscape in the United States with an automatic irrigation system installed and properly operated a WaterSense labeled weather-based irrigation controller, we could save 220 billion gallons of water and $2.9 billion in water costs across the country annually from not overwatering lawns and landscapes.

Unlock weather-based watering with Sprinkler Plus.

Water when your plants are thirsty, not when it's raining with Sprinkler Plus. (free 1 year subscription included with the purchase of Wyze Sprinkler Controller)

Advanced insights into your yard.

With Sprinkler Plus, you can see the historical, current, and future moisture levels for each watering zone. Even view the upcoming weather forecast and watering activities right from the app.

Intelligent weather skips.

Sprinkler Plus can skip unnecessary scheduled waterings based on hyper-localized weather data to save you water and protect your plants.

DIY Installation in 20 minutes.

Wyze Sprinkler replaces your existing controller in less than 20 minutes and automatically creates a schedule for you after setup.