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Wyze Solar Panel

Wyze Solar Panel

Record for longer. Designed for Wyze Cam Outdoor.


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Record for longer. Designed for Wyze Cam Outdoor v1/v2 and Wyze Battery Cam Pro*.

*Compatible when paired with the USB-C Adapter Cable (sold separately)


-Extend the length of time you can keep your Wyze Cam Outdoor recording without having to bring it back inside to recharge.
-IP65 weather resistant and dustproof.
-Mount it anywhere with a 360 degree freestyle mount and a 13-foot weatherproof power cable.


Color: White
Dimensions: 173 mm x 120 mm x 17 mm
Solar power rating: 2.5W, 5VDC
Micro USB cable length: 13 ft (4m)
Waterproof level: IP65

In the box

Solar panel x1
Wall mount x1
Adapter cable x1
Screws x3
Wall anchors x3
Quick start guide x1


How does Wyze Solar Panel work?
The solar panel converts sunlight into electrical energy to charge Wyze Cam Outdoor.

What is the max power output of the solar panel?
The maximum power output is 2.5 watts.

What’s the best location for the solar panel?
Mount the solar panel where you get the most sunlight during the day. Make sure it’s not in a shaded area and avoid placing it directly under a tree. Tree sap, falling leaves, and large shadows can greatly reduce the solar panel’s efficiency.

How do I position the solar panel to get the most sunlight?
For the most sunlight, position your Wyze Solar Panel so that it’s facing south and is tilted upward at a 30º angle.

Can I use the solar panel for other Wyze cameras?
No, we do not recommend using Wyze Solar Panel with other Wyze cameras.

Can the solar panel charge other devices like my phone?
Wyze Solar Panel is an accessory for Wyze Cam Outdoor to extend its battery life. We do not recommend using it to charge other devices.

Does the solar panel work in cloudy or rainy weather?
Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, the solar panel is unlikely to perform well in cloudy or rainy weather.

Is it waterproof? Weather resistant?
Yes, Wyze Solar Panel is IP65 weather resistant and dustproof but is not waterproof.

Does the solar panel work with Wyze Base Station?
No, Wyze Solar Panel is an accessory for Wyze Cam Outdoor to extend its battery life and is not related to the Base Station. Your Base Station needs a constant power source to keep your Wyze Cam Outdoor online.

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