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Wyze Night Light

Wyze Night Light

Illuminate the night with soft, motion-activated light.


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Smart night lighting made simple! Motion and light sensors mean these nightlights only glow when needed. Effortless installation with peel-and-stick magnetic plates. Perfect for those midnight snack runs without blinding yourself or stubbing toes in the dark.


Link up to ten Wyze Night Lights. When one night light turns on, all ten will light up.

Dusk to Dawn + Motion Sensors
Wyze Night Light has a built-in light sensor so it only turns on in dark environments. With a PIR motion sensor, the light will turn on only when motion is detected.

Easy on the eyes
2500k Warm/Soft White color temperature means more soothing light for the night. Back-lit light shines onto your wall instead of shining into your eyes.

Easy Installation
Included easy-pull tape and metal mounting plate makes mounting simple for Wyze Night Light and recharging painless.

Battery Powered
Wyze Night Light has an internal lithium battery that can be recharged through its USB-C port.

Sleek Contemporary Design
Sleek and simple design means it blends into your home without looking obtrusive.


4.5 lumens

Color Temperature

1.8oz (50g)

3.14” x 2.04” x 0.55” (80*52*14mm)

RF Connection
2.4GHz Range: 100ft (30m)

Battery Capactiy
300mAH Lithium Polymer

Battery Life
128 days (Solo use)

85 days (Linked)

11 hours for normal mode (Calculated by 10 times light per day)

Charging Method
USB Type-C

Operating Temperature
41°F - 104°F (5-40°C)


In the box

Wyze Night Light x 3
Wall Mount Plate x 3
Easy Pull Tape x 3
Quick Start Guide x 1


Does Wyze Night Light have app integration?

Does Wyze Night Light require WiFi or internet connection?
No, it is not a connected device.

What are the different modes?
On: The light will always be on.

Off: The light will be turned off and the paired network will be reset.

Auto: Light will automatically turn on and both the dusk-to-dawn sensor and motion sensors are on.

How do you setup link feature?
Group use: To pair Wyze Night Lights together, switch all devices to Auto. You can pair up to 10. In the first 30 seconds, the device enter pairing mode and blink. After 30 seconds, the night lights should be paired and blinking will stop.

Individual use: Switch the device to Auto and wait for 30 seconds to end pairing mode.

How many Night Lights can you link together?

What is the link range?
100 feet (30 meters)

What is the detection range?
110°, ~20 feet (6 meters)

How dark does it have to be for the dusk-to-dawn (light) sensor to activate?

What is the battery life?
128 days (Solo) 85 days (Linked) 11 hours for normal mode (Calculated by 10 times light per day)

What is the charging port?

Does it come with charging supply?
We know our customers might purchase more than one pack of Wyze Night Lights so we have decided to not include the cable and charger to reduce unnecessary waste. USB-C is becoming one of the most common charging solutions and we decided to use it to reduce the chance of our customers not already having a cable available.

How long is the charging time?
1.5 – 2 Hours

Can you leave light on while charging?

Does Wyze Night Light integrate with third party like Alexa or Google?

What is the warranty?
1 Year Standard Warranty

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Soft, Soothing Light

Sleek design illuminates surrounding surfaces with 2500K of indirect, warm light.

Better together

Easily link up to 10 Wyze Night Lights to create a directional lighting experience.

Lights up only when you need it

Built-in motion and light sensors activate a soft glow.

Installation is a thing of the past. It snaps right into place.

Built-in motion and light sensors activate a soft glow.