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Wyze Lock Bolt

Wyze Lock Bolt

Unlock the door with your fingerprint.

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Tired of fumbling with your keys? Unlock your door in less than a second with the touch of a finger or a tap in the app. Wyze Lock Bolt is a Bluetooth smart lock that replaces your deadbolt, giving you a luxurious backlit keypad with an ultra-fast fingerprint reader. Did we mention that auto-locks if you forget?


Bluetooth-Connected Smart Lock
0.5-second Fingerprint Unlock
Anti-Peep Backlit Keypad
Emergency USB-C Charging
Pickproof and IPX5 Weatherproof
View Lock/Unlock History in the Wyze App
Auto-Lock Timer
20-Minute Installation


Color: Matte Black

Dimensions: 7.3 in x 5.3 in x 2.3 in

Weight: 2.75 lbs

Power Source: 4x AA Batteries (included)

Battery Life: 10-12 months

Communication: Bluetooth 5.0

Range: 16 ft

Weather Resistance: IPX5

Operating Temperature

- Keypad: -13°F to 122°F

- Indoor Assembly: 32°F to 122°F

Storage Temperature: -22°F to 158°F

Door Compatibility

- Thru Hole Diameter On Door: 2-1/8”

- Backset: 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”

- Door Thickness: 1-3/8” or 1-3/4”

- Deadbolt Diameter: 1”

In the box

Interior Lock Component

Exterior Keypad Component

Mounting Plate

Mounting Parts

AA Batteries

Measuring Template

Quick Start Guide


Does Wyze Lock Bolt use WiFi?
Wyze Lock Bolt by itself is a Bluetooth-only device. This gives users the same app convenience of setting up their lock once and never having to use keys or memorize codes again.

What happens if my Bluetooth goes out?
If your phone’s Bluetooth goes out you won’t be able to lock, unlock, or change access settings in the app, but you won’t be locked out. Wyze Lock Bolt remembers the fingerprints and access codes already set up. And as an emergency, you can always generate a One-Time Code from the app.

What happens if the batteries die?
Wyze Lock Bolt will let you know when the batteries are running low. The low-battery indicator on the keypad will flash red. However, if you forget to replace them there is a USB-C port on the bottom of the keypad that can give you a brief, instant charge so you can enter your code and get in.

How does the history log work?
When you enter the app and you are within Bluetooth range, Wyze Lock Bolt will update your history log to show past events that occurred since your last connection. You can see who locked or unlocked your Wyze Lock Bolt, when they did so, and which method they used (app, fingerprint, code). You can also see records of the door jamming and 5 consecutive failed access attempts.

How does the One-Time Code work?
Every hour, Wyze Lock Bolt generates a couple of randomized access codes that can each be used once. You don’t need WiFi or Bluetooth to generate the code. Simply go to the app > Wyze Lock Bolt > Settings > One-Time Code, and enter the 8 digit code on the keypad.

How does Wyze Lock Bolt know if the lock is jammed?
Wyze Lock Bolt can detect the position of the motor to know if a deadbolt is jammed or not.

How does Wyze Lock Bolt connect to Bluetooth?
All you need to do is press and hold the Pairing button on the lock for 3 seconds. With Bluetooth enabled, your phone should then detect and connect to your Wyze Lock Bolt if you are within 16 feet of range.

How does sharing work?
Share through the Wyze app to make sure everyone can get in. You can share Wyze Lock Bolt with up to 50 people and revoke access at any time.

What else can Wyze Lock Bolt do?
Wyze Lock Bolt has a built-in alarm that will alert you if your door is jammed or if there are more than 5 consecutive attempts to unlock the device. It also has an auto-lock function that will automatically lock the door after a selected amount of time. Lastly, you can fine-tune your users’ access by access type (fingerprint, code, app) and schedule (hours, dates)!

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Keyless entry. A fingerprint away.

Gone are the days of fumbling for keys. Enter your home quickly and securely with just a tap on the ultra-fast fingerprint sensor.

  • Fingerprint Recognition in 0.5s

  • Unlocks in Under a Second

  • Stores Up to 50 Fingerprints Locally

Luxurious backlit keypad.

Wyze Lock Bolt's exterior is crafted from solid metal for maximum security. Each button on the keypad is backlit for easy viewing at night.

  • Crafted to compliment your interior design.

  • Luxurious metal design to match any exterior.

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Fully pick-proof and weatherproof.

Wyze Lock Bolt is completely pick-proof by removing the need for keys. It’s also built tough enough to withstand the elements with IPX5 weatherproofing.

Up to 12 months of battery life.

Wyze Lock Bolt's 4 AA batteries last up to a year and are easily replaceable. If the battery life is low, the indicator will flash red reminding you to replace them. 

If the batteries die, the USB-C port allows for a brief charge for you to enter your access code.

  • View the lock/unlock history.

    See who stopped by in the Wyze app. You can even view how it was unlocked, the exact time, and if there were any failed passcode attempts.

  • Create access schedules.

    Worried about giving out access codes to your home? Use auto-expiring codes so you never have to worry about temporary guests entering without permission. Set the day/time the code expires and never think about it again.

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