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Wyze Car

Wyze Car

Shift into fun with Wyze Car.


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Traverse all types of terrain, from hardwoods to backwoods with all-wheel drive. A LED headlight for day or night driving. Get the best mileage with 2 battery modes (Sport and Eco Modes). Realistic, first-person perspective with up to 2 hours of operation on a single charge. Wyze Car's app lets you see what the car sees. WiFi Direct allows you to drive the Wyze Car anywhere, without worrying about losing connection.

Note: This bundle includes the Wyze Car, a Wyze Cam Black v2 and a Wyze Power Bank.


All-Wheel Drive
Your targets rarely operate out in the open - traversing all types of terrain is a requirement. Shock-absorbing suspension withstands vertical impact after flying through the air. And a high-density, all-plastic roll cage protects against nasty spills while you make your getaway.

LED Headlights for Night Driving
Parts of your mission will require clandestine operations at night. To safely navigate the dark and capture clear video, quickly activate and deactivate your headlights from the app. But be cautious! You need to remain undetected.

Battery Modes
We can’t have our highly classified apparatus captured by the target. When at risk of discovery or when you've successfully completed your mission, bolt back to base. Eco Mode lets you conserve battery life as you approach your target while Sport Mode kicks it into high gear so you make it back to HQ quickly.

2-Hour Operation on a Single Charge
Don’t worry about getting caught with low fuel during your escape. We’ve packed Wyze Car with a 10,000 mAh power bank that will keep you running throughout your entire mission.

Intuitive Control
We’ve enlisted our top engineers to discreetly hide Wyze Car’s remote directly in a classified app on your phone. With the app, you'll be able to live stream your mission through your phone while completing your mission objectives from a safe distance away from the action. It goes without saying, but we absolutely cannot have another cover blown like the Jimmy from Wyze incident last year when the joystick fell from his pocket during cocktail hour.

Realistic, First-Person Perspective
See exactly what Wyze Car sees with real-time video streaming to your phone. Wrapping around corners and losing sight of Wyze Car is not a problem with first-person perspective navigation.

Wifi Direct - Play Anywhere
Travel around anywhere inside or outside your home with no fear of losing signal. WiFi Direct connects Wyze Car directly to your phone so you’re not tethered to your home’s WiFi.

All-Terrain Wheels
Massive off-road tires climb over small rocks, carpets, twigs, and more with ease. For an extra boost, enable Sport Mode and dominate any terrain.


Wyze Car Device Details

Car body: Polycarbonate

2.2 lbs

305 mm x 188 mm x 147 mm

LED Headlights
Color temperature: 6000 K

Brightness: 70 lumens

Max Speed
Eco Mode: 1.5 mph

Sport Mode: 2 mph

Phone Compatibility
Android 5.0+

iOS 9.0+

Battery Life
Standby: Up to 20 hours

Active: Up to 2 hours (driving)

Driving Controls
Forward, Reverse, Left and Right turning

Wyze Cam Features
Live Stream, 2-Way Audio, Record, and Take Photo

Power Bank Device Details

7.4 oz

106 mm x 51 mm x 25 mm

Wyze Cam Black v2 Details


Height: 2.20" (56mm)

Width: 1.97" (50mm)

Depth: 1.97" (50mm)

3.53 oz (100g)

Power Cable Length
6 feet (1.8m)

Method Magnetic

1 Type-A USB, 1 micro USB

Power Adapter Input
110-240V (AC/DC)

Power Adapter Output



1920 X 1080 (1080p)

Lens: F2.0 aperture, 2.8mm focal length

Image sensor: 1/2.9" CMOS

Digital zoom: 8x

Field of View
110° lens

Night Vision
4 IR LEDs (850nm)

Illuminates up to 29.6 feet (9m)

H.264 encoding

Day time video: 15 FPS

Night vision: 10 FPS

Built-in speaker and microphone

Class-K power amplifier

Push notifications

Cloud Storage
Free rolling 14 days of alert videos stored in the AWS Cloud

Local Storage
Supports 8GB, 16GB and 32GB microSD cards in FAT32 format

Data Security
End-to-end encryption

HTTPS secure transfer protocol

AES 128-bit encryption

Data Usage
1-2MB per minute in SD, or 4-7MB per minute in HD

802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (Does not support 5GHz network)

Supports WPA and WPA2 protocols

Connectivity Requirements
Upload speed 1.0 Mbps for SD and 1.5 Mbps for HD

Alexa / IFTTT

Operating Systems
Supports iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 or later

Operation Temperature
32℉ – 104℉ / 0°C – 40 °C

Operation Humidity
< 90% at 104℉ / 40°C

Weather Resistance
Indoor use only

Rated Capacity
10,000 mAh

5V2A, 9V2A


In the box

Wyze Car x1
Rubber Band x2
Short Screw x8
Long Screw x4
Screwdriver x1
Anti-slip Tape x2
Guardrail x1
Quick Start Guide x1
Power Bank x1
Micro USB Cable x1
Wyze Power Bank x1
Wyze Cam Black v2 x 1


Does Wyze Car work with Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan, or other cameras?
No, Wyze Car only works with Wyze Cam Black (for stealth!) and Wyze Cam v2.

Is there a remote control for Wyze Car?
Yes, discreetly hidden in your phone’s Wyze app. Use the remote to drive forwards, backwards, left, and right.

Can I drive a Wyze Car outside?
Yes, you can drive Wyze Car outside with or without Internet. Go out and explore (but keep it clean).

Is Wyze Car waterproof or weatherproof?
No, and the car should not be driven in rain, snow, deep puddles, or mud.

So I can’t go mudding with Wyze Car?
Sadly, no. You’d just get stuck and void the warranty!

Does Wyze Car take batteries? How do I charge it?
Wyze Car does not take batteries, but it uses a rechargeable power bank with an output of 5V3A.

Is the Wyze Car Power Bank compatible with other devices?
While it can be used to power other devices, ours is meant to be used with your Wyze Car.

How much cargo space does Wyze Car have?
About as much as your girlfriend can fit in that tiny pocket on her jeans.

How fast does Wyze Car go?
Burn rubber with speeds up to 2 mph in Sport Mode (1.5 in Eco Mode).

Can I customize the car with decals or stickers?
Feel free to decorate your Wyze Car however you want with stickers. Might we suggest flames to make it go faster?

Is Wyze planning to compete directly with Tesla?
Compete? They’re nowhere even near the same class of product as us. This is a toy car.

Will Wyze eventually release a Sport Utility version?
It’s not out of the question. But probably not.

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