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HMS Wyze Sense Climate Sensor

HMS Wyze Sense Climate Sensor

Track temperature and humidity in any room. Requires Wyze Sense Hub.


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Wyze Climate Sensor is designed to be used with Wyze Sense v2 from Wyze Home Monitoring.

Place Wyze Climate Sensor in any room to track temperature and humidity throughout the spaces in your home with the Wyze app. With a 500 ft range, easily position it in distant rooms, basements, or attics. It's unobtrusive with a sleek, white design to blend into any environment. Set it on any surface or use the peel-and-stick adhesive backing for walls.


- Accessory to Wyze Home Monitoring System. Works with Wyze Sense Hub.

- Easily track temperature and humidity in any room using the Wyze app. Get alerts when temperature or humidity falls below or rises above your personalized limits.

- Up to 500 ft. of range from Wyze Sense Hub gives reliable connectivity even in distant rooms.

- Place anywhere with easy mounting and a sleek, compact design.

- 18 months of battery life means peace of mind without worrying about battery drain.


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